Build Diary - April to July 2004
Wiring Up The Car
The car is now on it's wheels with the brakes, engine and running gear fitted and it's time to start fitting and connecting up the electrical systems.

During the Sierra's production Ford fitted several different engine electrical systems and carburettors. These range from a simple inductive discharge ignition system to comprehensive electronic engine management systems aimed at improving emissions and efficiency. My 1989 2.0L SOHC carb engined donor car was fitted with the Ford ESC2 (Electronic Spark Control) engine management system, centered around the ESC2 electronic control module and a Weber 30/34 DFTH carburettor. The ESC2 control module receives input signals from various engine sensors, which it uses to determine engine speed, load and temperature. Based on this information it generates output signals to control ignition advance, idle speed, air/fuel mixture and air intake temperature allowing the engine to deal with varying ambient conditions and demands.

Initially I had planned to use the donors ignition system, carburettor and wiring loom. However after laying out the donor's wiring loom I decided that trying to modfy it to suit the totally different size, shape and electrical requirements of a kit car would take too long and result in a poor quality solution. This decision lead me to buy a purpose made Vicki Green wiring loom from Lolocost. This loom is designed specifically for Lotus 7 style kit cars using a Pinto engined Ford Sierra as the donor car. The loom is supplied with a massive wall chart which shows how to place the loom in the car and how to connect up the various electrical components.

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As a result of this change I also decided that trying to use the donors ESC2 engine management system and Weber 32/34 DFTH carb would be more hassle than it was worth. I found a 2.0L Pinto engine from a Capri on ebay that came with a manual choke Weber 32/36 DGV carb and K&N air filter, which was bought for 29. I took the carb, air filter and some other spares of the engine and ditched the rest in the locla scrapyard. I then found a re-conditioned vacuum advance Bosch distributor on ebay for 15, which was duly purchased and fitted. The last bit to find is an electronic ignition module - still haven't found this, but I'm looking!

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